Realtor Guidelines

Thank you for choosing to do business here in Canyon Lake! This page will provide guidance for Real Estate agents on accessing the community as well as the rules governing the use of Open House signs. For additional information, please contact the Member Services department at 951-244-6841 x310.

Community Access

Realtors are able to access the community to show a property or to host an open house. To gain access, you may visit any gate and present the following:

  • Valid CA Real Estate Identification card.
  • Valid Driver’s License.

Photocopies / pictures will not be accepted, no exception.

Please note, you are responsible for your clients and you must accompany them at all times. Only one vehicle per agent will be provided access.

Open House Signs

To maintain the attractive, aesthetic appeal of the community the Board of Directors have authorized two types of open house signs: individual personalized signs and CLPOA approved broker signs.

Individual Personalized Signs

A total of six (6) personalized signs are allowed. These signs may be placed on the property, an adjacent street, and at any intersection (exceptions listed below) within the community. Limit one (1) sign on any one (1) property and at any one (1) intersection.

CLPOA Broker Signs

At the following intersections, only approved Canyon Lake broker signs (limit 1 per broker) are allowed:

  • Canyon Lake Drive South & Continental
  • Canyon Lake Drive & Vacation Drive
  • Vacation Drive & Longhorn Drive

All other personalized signs are prohibited at these intersections. The Canyon Lake broker sign templates can be downloaded below. Realtors can customize the bottom of each sign with their broker's information.

Open House Sign FAQs

How many signs can be placed inside the community of Canyon Lake?

A maximum of six (6) personalized signs may be placed inside the community of Canyon Lake. At the following intersections only one (1) Canyon Lake POA approved broker sign may be placed:

  1. Canyon Lake Drive South x Continental
  2. Canyon Lake Drive North x Vacation Drive
  3. Vacation Drive x Longhorn Drive

Where can personalized open house signs be placed?

Personalized signs may be placed on the property, an adajacent street, or at a specified intersection within the community of Canyon Lake. Limit of one (1) sign on any property and at any one (1) intersection.

Where can't open house signs be placed?

Open house signs cannot be placed in the streets, on vehicles, on golf carts, trailers of any kind, on Canyon Lake POA common ground, and they cannot block the view of a fire hydrant.

When can I put open house signs out?

Open house signs may be place one (1) hour before the start of the open house and need to be removed immediately following the close of event.

How big can open house signs be?

Open house signs cannot exceend three (3) squre feet and the top of any sign may not exceed three (3) fee off the ground.

Are there open house sign appearance restrictions?

Signs must have a professional appearance. No balloons, streamers, or similar material can be added.

Are there any exceptions to open house signage restrictions?

A banner/flag up to six (6) feet in height and may be placed on the property during the open house. One standard size rider, not to exceed one (1) square foot may be placed on top of each a-frame sign.