Members of the Month

Each month, a member of the Canyon Lake community is selected to be recognized for their outstanding service and dedication to enhancing the life and spirit of Canyon Lake.

July 2024

Joe Grasso

July's Member of the Month is Joe Grasso. Joe moved to Canyon Lake in 1995 and immediately joined the Bassmasters, serving as board member, secretary, treasurer, vice president, and president in the years since. His involvement in the community quickly spread to other committees, including the Recreation Committee. For over 19 years, he also sat on the Fiesta Day Committee and served as Chair for four years.

In addition to volunteering on committees, Joe has offered his services to the community to further help Canyon Lake. Joe runs a printing company that has been serving the community with high-quality signage since 2002. Renowned for his rapid turnaround times, Joe consistently delivers exceptional signage that meets urgent needs without compromising on quality. Joe's eagerness to contribute to Canyon Lake in any way he can has made him a vital member to our community.

June 2024

Steve Libring

June's Member of the Month, Steve Libring, has been a cornerstone of the Canyon Lake community for decades. As a member of the Facilities Planning Committee for over five years, Steve has played a pivotal role in shaping the long-term vision of our community. His expertise and dedication have also greatly benefited the Security Advisory Committee. Additionally, he is involved with numerous clubs in Canyon Lake. Notably, Steve is widely recognized for his enthusiastic support of the Pickleball Club, playing a key role in their growth to over 500 members! This recognition celebrates Steve's outstanding service and dedication to enhancing the life and spirit of Canyon Lake.

May 2024

Valerie Montgomery

May's Member of the Month is Valerie Montgomery. Retiring from a successful career as a corporate executive secretary in early 2000, Valerie moved to Canyon Lake in 2004 and quickly became an active member of the community. As a longtime member of the Travel Club, she served three years as chairman, organizing many fun trips. Her largest passion is for golf; Valerie has been a member for 20 years in the Women's Golf Club and served in many positions on the board, going so far as to lead the club as president in 2014. Valerie was also appointed to the Green Committee as the Women's Golf Club representative and became chairman in 2013, serving for 10 years. Under her supervision, maintenance of the golf course has become paramount. Additionally, she was a strong advocate for non-resident annual golf memberships back in 2015, helping to establish the membership program that continues to this day. Valerie's dedication and commitment to the golf course and to Canyon Lake has significantly enriched the community.

April 2024

Larry Garland

April's Member of the Month is Larry Garland, a beloved and active member whose presence has left a strong mark on the community. Known affectionately as "Larry the Cable Guy" for his staggering expertise in the audio-visual world, Larry has been a staple of the community since 2010. His passion for singing led him to the Canyon Lake Choraleers, marking a grand shift in community-led vocal performances over the years. For the past eight, Larry has championed the Choraleers as their President, enlivening the community with sweeping musical events.

Eager to follow his musical passions, Larry became a publicity director for the Canyon Lake Guild and quickly worked his way up to Vice President and Director of Operations. He has been instrumental in booking the bands that appear at the Guild concerts, enriching the community with a variety of musical talents. Larry can often be found wrestling with the wires in the sound booths at Guild concerts and even worked on the Sunset Lounge and Terrace sound systems — a testament to how hands-on he is in the community.

March 2024

Shawna Bowen

Shawna Bowen was selected as March's Member of the Month. A Canyon Lake resident since 2009, Shawna's exemplary leadership shines brightly, notably marked by her founding of the Family Matters Club in 2014. Under her guidance, this family-focused club has consistently provided members with enriching, cost-effective events and activities year-round. Celebrating its ten-year milestone, the club thrives under her steadfast leadership.

Yet Shawna's influence doesn't stop there. She seamlessly transitions into pivotal roles within the Women's Club and the Yacht Club, showcasing her adaptability and dedication across diverse groups. Moreover, her active participation in the Car Club, Canyon Lake Guild, and Travel Club further underscores her unwavering commitment to community involvement and enhancement.

February 2024

Jeannette Williams

February's Member of the Month is Jeannette Williams, a humble yet influential figure whose dedication has left an indelible mark on Canyon Lake.

In 2015, Jeannette spearheaded a solo campaign to introduce our community to pickleball. Her infectious enthusiasm for the sport sparked widespread interest, leading to the establishment of the Pickleball Club and the creation and expansion of Pickleball Courts at Eastport Park, which enhance the lives of over 500 members today.

But it's not just pickleball where Jeannette shines; she has immersed herself in all aspects of Canyon Lake life. From joining clubs like the Women's Club and Yacht Club to serving on various committees and boards, her dedication to our community is unparalleled.

January 2024

Ron Wilbur

Ron Wilbur was recognized as January's Member of the Month for his remarkable contributions to the community through his exceptional leadership of the Canyon Lake Yacht Club, where membership grew by 650% under his guidance.

Throughout his tenure, Ron demonstrated unwavering dedication to enhancing the club's profile and activities, organizing 44 events in 2023, including the inaugural Commodores Ball, the traditional Blessing of the Boats ceremony, and the enchanting Parade of Lights. These events, along with a diverse range of activities such as moonlit cruises, potlucks, swimming, and picnics, have transformed the Yacht Club into a vibrant center of social and recreational activity in Canyon Lake, enriching the lives of its members and the broader community.

Past Members of the Month


2023 Members of the Month

Below are our members of the month for 2023.

December 2023

Bonnie Dubbs & Doug Schultz

As December's Members of the Month, Bonnie Dubbs and Doug Schultz are shining examples of passion, dedication, and community spirit. Their tireless efforts to enrich the cultural landscape of Canyon Lake through music are truly commendable, and their impact will continue to resonate for years to come.

Bonnie Dubbs, President of the Canyon Lake Guild, is a driving force behind the community's musical diversity. Under her leadership, the Guild offers five concert events annually, including the popular Harbor Fest. Bonnie ensures that the Guild remains responsive to evolving musical tastes, enriching the lives of Canyon Lake residents.

Doug Schultz, the visionary behind the Canyon Lake POA's Concerts at the Lodge series, has curated original nationally-known headlining bands in Canyon Lake for nearly a decade. With almost three decades of music industry experience, Doug brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to his role. From classic rock to country and everything in between, he ensures each concert delivers an unforgettable auditory experience, fostering unity and joy in the community.